#1 Time is the most powerful resource you have

My dad always told me the best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago and the second-best time is today. No matter what your goals are, they'll be easier to achieve by starting now. Learn how we build financial plans geared towards maximizing the power time and compounding growth.

#2 Play the game you can win

I was never tall enough to be very good at basketball. I wasn't strong or mean enough to excel in football. I was however very good at throwing and catching. By choosing the game I could win, I was able to play baseball in high school and college. There are countless strategies for investing, but which is best suited for your goals? Learn how we manage money in a way that puts you in a position to win.

#3 The road is as important as the car

What car would you choose if you wanted to win a race? If you came up with your answer before you asked what road the race was on you probably have the wrong car. Investments may be the vehicle that drive returns, but your financial plan is the road they will be traveling. Learn how we build investment portfolios specifically designed for the highway of your life.

#4 The market will crash. We can't know when. That is okay.

I had a smart friend who used to tell clients his crystal ball was in the shop. It was a funny line but what was most important was the honesty of it. Short term downturns are unavoidable and unpredictable. Trying to guess the direction of the next market movement is a losing bet. Learn how we build investments for long term success regardless of short term movements.

#5 Wall Street isn't your friend

Banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies regularly make the news for reasons they wish they hadn't. This type of thing is inevitable when dealing with massive corporations and their inherent conflicts of interest. If you'd like a better way to manage your finances, you might appreciate working with an independent registered investment advisor. Learn how a fiduciary relationship with a fee based financial planner helps build trust and avoid conflicts of interest.

#6 Turn off the TV

TV personalities are paid to be interesting, not to make you money. Being interesting requires different opinions every day. If you are listening to ever changing financial advice from an unaccountable TV personality, it might be time for a change. Learn how getting consistent advice specifically for your life can make you more successful.

#7 Do the Math

Most people don't love doing math. Since digging into the numbers is stressful, often times they'll take the shortcut of following their gut instincts. Don't fall into this trap. If your gut is telling you to get a sandwich, feel free to listen. If your gut is saying it has a great financial idea, you may want to learn how we take the guess work out of financial planning by doing the math.

#8 Rich is a Ratio

We've all heard stories about celebrity millionaires ending up broke. That is because being rich is not how much money you have. Being rich is how much money you have compared to what you spend. In other words, rich is being able to enjoy all life has to offer without being stressed about money. Learn more about how we find the right balance between spending and saving so you can lead a richer life.