The Chief Executive Officer or CEO of a company is focused on making a product, driving profits and keeping everyone in the company happy at the same time. Because time is limited and the CEO can't be an expert at everything most companies also have a Chief Financial Officer or CFO. The CFO handles the company's financial statements and investments and reports directly to the CEO.

In your life you take on a similar role as the CEO of your family. You have the responsibility to make money at work and happiness at home. If you're doing your job right, those responsibilities take up most of your time. By hiring a personal CFO you'll have the expertise of a financial professional available to you throughout the year. This saves you the time you would have spent on another job in life. It can also save you money by making the right financial decision at each step in your life.

Personal CFO Services include annual financial planning updates, quarterly investment reviews and on call access for any questions on money. As the CEO of your family you'll have the information and guidance you need to make executive decisions on finances. What you might like best is that you'll be able to get the best answer quickly giving you more time and money for what is most important to you.