The market will crash. We can't know when. That is okay.

I had a smart friend who used to tell clients his crystal ball was in the shop. It was a funny line but what was most important was the honesty of it. Short term downturns are unavoidable and unpredictable. Trying to guess the direction of the next market movement is a losing bet.

That's true for you and for me and the most successful investors in the world. For example, Warren Buffet is widely regarded as the best stock investor of the last 50 years if not ever. How did his company Berkshire Hathaway do during the great recession? From the peak in 2007 to the low point in 2009 they lost about 53%.

He didn't have a crystal ball, did he? What he did have was far more valuable, a system. A system of buying strong companies with manageable debt and consistent cash flows. That system allowed him to almost double his money over a 10-year period despite losing 53% during the first year and a half.

Your goals and time frame are different than Berkshire Hathaway's, so you need a different system. Your system should have emergency funds and safe investments that don't go down 53%. But if you are like most Americans, you still need long-term growth to make your money last.

Knowing the future would be great but the next best thing is knowing what you don't know. Give me a call and we can start building an investment plan designed to succeed through all of life's unknowns. You might like working with me because you won't need a crystal ball to achieve your goals.

Investments contain the risk of loss. Before implementing any investment strategy, you should consult with an expert to look at the details in your financial situation.