To change your life, change how you think. (It's never been easier)

We're at the halfway point in 2019. Are you on track for all those New Year resolutions or have you lost focus?

Okay, okay you probably cringed at the word resolution. I do too. It almost isn't a thing anymore because of how clichéd it's become to make and break resolutions every year.

The issue isn't the desire for improvement but how we think about it. Thinking is the key. I'm going to tell you how to take the first step in changing your thought processes, but first, we've got to lay some ground rules or you won't believe me.

Rule 1) If you want different results, then you need to take different actions. Duh, right? I don't think there's anyone that would disagree with that.

Rule 2) If you want to change your actions, you need to change your thinking.

Maybe I get a little push back here but the brain controls everything. If your brain isn't on board with what you're doing, the actions won't follow.

Rule 3) If you aren't consistent in your thinking, you won't be consistent with your actions and you won't get different results.

Duh, again. You might be thinking, is this guy going to keep saying nothing? Give me 90 seconds more and I'll bring it home, promise.

New Year resolutions don't work because they are usually just a goal. Some people take the next step and add in a plan. That's the easy part, goal and plan. The hard part is consistency, taking that out into the world and executing every day.

Consistency is hard because we lose focus and go back to our old way of thinking. What you need to do is reprogram your day to day thinking to stay focused on your plan.

The easiest way to reprogram how you think is social media. Facebook is great for staying in touch with family and friends. Take either Twitter or Instagram and program how you think. Only follow people that post about your goals and plans. Kick everyone else out of your feed.

If you want to save money, start following Clark Howard or Dave Ramsey. See whom they follow and share. Find the people that fit your goals and lifestyle.

If you want to get in better shape, search for an expert on the workouts you want to do or diet you want to eat. Follow people that have the physique you want to achieve.

If you want to improve the relationships in your life look for people that post about healthy relationships and emotional improvement.

Social media can be unhealthy. It is designed to addict and manipulate you to other people's way of thinking. The flip side of that is that you can choose who changes your way of thinking.

Follow successful people that talk about your plans and goals and you'll always be focused on your plans and goals. You know what you need to do to improve your life, the tough part is doing it. Social media can focus your attention on what is important.

Here's the bonus. It doesn't matter what you improve in life, it will make the next improvement easier. Less stress in a relationship will make it easier to stick to a diet. Better health makes it easier to make money. Less worries about money can take pressure off your relationships.

Pick one goal. Come up with a plan. Set up your social media to keep you laser focused. Pretty soon you'll be addicted to success.

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